The Handover
The Canton Job. A caper movie, in which three expatriates attempt to pull of a heist in Hong Kong, circa 1997.
Temp Insanity
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest meets The Player. A dark comedy-drama in which a fading method actor gets so far into character… he can’t get out.
Kiss Of The Jaded Princess
Get to know Jack So. Single parent, not-so-good Samaritan. This hard-boiled tale is set in the smouldering shadows of pre-Handover Hong Kong. Adapted from Bitch On Heat, the first instalment in Richard Tong’s critically acclaimed neo-noir trilogy.
The Cold Dark Sea
Adapted from the sequel to Richard Tong’s critically acclaimed neo-noir bestseller, this is the second Jack So misadventure. Once again our not-so-good Samaritan wades into the murky waters of Hong Kong society and almost drowns in the dark currents lurking beneath the surface.
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